You can get a service plan for your car, so why not your boiler?

One of the many peculiarities of the last year is the fact that used car sales have soared. We don’t know about you but to us this seems odd. Our team are key workers and are still out and about on the roads across the north east, though traffic, within several lockdowns, has reduced.

We’re not experts on car data but we are reliably informed that, both locally and nationally, car sales have soared (particularly used ones).


We think it really must be down to reduced day to day spending. How often have you popped into the Metro Centre or Eldon Square for a sandwich and drink in the past year? It’s been nigh on impossible! The other financial commitment that has been eliminated too in lockdown are holidays.

When was the last time you flew abroad? Or even travelled north for say a weekend in Edinburgh or west for a short stay in The Lakes?

The team at CBFM Heating are struggling to recall such times.

With so much reduced spending, perhaps the surge in car sales makes sense?

With a used car there is usually a warranty. That may be from a manufacturer if it’s under 3 (or 5) years old or the dealer themselves may offer six months.

You know too that once you’ve bought a car, paid for insurance and petrol (or diesel), you need to think ahead to servicing.

Many pay for service plans in a lump sum that covers the first few services; others add a monthly payment to cover this sum so there’s no surprises when your Ford Fiesta alerts you on its dash to an impending service.

Your boiler is like a car

It needs regular maintenance to keep it safe and efficient and if you’re a landlord or running commercial premises, you have a duty of care to visitors and colleagues to keep the gas boiler serviced. Again, it’s difficult to place an exact cost on a boiler service as it depends on the location, age of the boiler and its size. Clearly a Vaillant one that is a year old should be less expensive to service than a 20 year old Ideal Mexico one, for example.

Boiler servicing is one of our specialisms at CBFM Heating, Gateshead.

We have a team of experienced and talented field engineers who can be trusted to service your gas boilers when it’s needed.

However, we’ve gone one step further.

Copying VW and Ford

Just as you can pay monthly or in advance for your Golf or Focus to be serviced to schedule, you can with us.

We offer exceptional service:

  • Gas Safe registered engineers, highly qualified to deal with any age or make of boiler.
  • Comprehensive 30-point service gas boiler service and safety check to identify simple faults early.
  • Flue Gas Analysers (FGAs) to check on the safety and efficiency of your boiler.
  • Improvement to your boiler’s efficiency, helping to reduce your household energy bills
  • Systematic approach to our work, we get the job done first time.

And we include five different plans.

Just click the image to find out more.

Boiler replacement

Need a new boiler?

Any boiler needs to be efficient and suitable for your home situation. We can recommend the best type of boiler from leading brands that come with long warranties, low running costs and high levels of efficiency. A combi gas boiler installation is the benchmark for efficiency, often with smart controls like Economy settings and an ability to link to smart devices like phones for voice control.


  • Award- winning, A-rated boilers
  • Up to 10 years parts & labour warranty
  • Smart thermostat included
  • Local, Gas Safe registered engineers
  • Instant no-obligation quote
Get a new boiler

Home cover plans

Plans to keep your mind at ease

We rely on our central heating to keep us warm, so having a boiler you can rely on is extremely important to most homeowners and business owners from our base in Gateshead, where we please clients across the North East.


  • Annual boiler service
  • 24/7 emergency helpline
  • Parts and labour included
  • Network of approved engineers
  • Unlimited callouts for breakdowns & repairs
Home cover plans


Boiler brands we provide