Snow and ice, dark mornings and nights clearly increase demand for them and we all know from basic economics, that where demand exceeds supply, prices stay firm or rise. It’s why property has proven to be such a wise investment for decades. There is a shortage of homes and therefore prices rise. Cars though depreciate in value – except it seems in winter for 4X4s.

Now, why is a Gateshead plumbing company getting obsessed with car prices in winter?

Let’s explain.

In autumn and winter, your boiler works harder than ever. It heats water and pumps it round the house to radiators and can be on from early morning to late evening. It’s akin to having a 4WD that you drive for 12 hours a day from October to March. You’d use plenty of diesel or petrol, windscreen washer fluid and that service you have yearly may be needed every six months.

See the connection?

Your central heating system is in huge demand in colder months and this is when boiler breakdowns most often occur with terrible consequences. Can you imagine a house in January with no heating and only cold water? It’s why we get so many call outs for repairs and servicing during winter.

There is a smarter way

With clocks going forward at the end of March, temperatures will hopefully rise and your dependence on heating should lessen.

This is then the perfect time to get a boiler serviced or a new one installed.

The link with 4WDs and winter is totally apt.

Drivers want the convenience of a tall vehicle for navigating Northumberland or Newcastle city centre; prices rise as a result and there is reduced choice.

If you wait until May to buy one, you’ll get a better deal.

Same with boiler installations or services – choose to have an upgrade or check up now and you won’t have to wait as long for this.  Furthermore, when October rears its gloomy head in 2021, you have the peace of mind from knowing that your boiler is up to the job in winter and you won’t be left shivering on your sofa in North Shields, Newcastle or Northumberland.

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