Preparing Your Home for Heating this Autumn

As the autumn season makes its way, we begin to dread the cold months that are ahead of us. These are the months when we’d rather stay in the comfort of our homes. However, you can easily transform your home to stay warm and cosy in autumn and winter. Here are our top tips to prepare your home for heating this autumn.

Draught-proof Your House

If you have a lot of windows and doors, your property is susceptible to heat loss via small holes and cracks. These gaps will also bring in cold air and moisture.

Before the cold season sets in, make sure to cover any small cracks around the door and window frames using foam sealant. This is an effective way to create a warm, energy-efficient home.

Bleed the Radiators

Radiators are an inevitable part of winters across the UK. You can maximise their efficiency by bleeding them well before they are put to use. Bleeding ensures that the radiators are heating to their maximum efficiency while removing trapped air that might be keeping the hot water from circulating.

Moreover, avoid covering the radiators in any manner, as this can keep the heat from reaching the rest of the room.

Insulate the Roof

As much as 30% of your home’s heat can leak through the roof, which is why it’s important to insulate the roof at the earliest. This is the easiest way to improve your home’s energy efficiency while lowering your energy bills. Ensure that the loft is well insulated using quality materials.

Combat Moisture

In the colder months, you may be keen to avoid relying upon the sun to dry your clothes. A lot of people would be forced to dry their clothes inside their homes.

This is an especially tricky situation as the dual acts of drying your laundry indoors and higher usage of heating can result in moisture build-up inside the home. Consider investing in a dehumidifier to steer clear of condensation and mould.

Stay Serviced

We think of boilers only when they begin to create trouble or stop working entirely.

As you begin to welcome the autumn season, it’s a good idea to have your boiler checked by an expert. If an annual servicing is due, get it done at the earliest. This can ensure your boiler is in good condition and all set to keep you warm.

To help with this, CBFM Heating provides boiler service and repairs across Tyne and Wear. Contact us today to schedule a boiler servicing.

Boiler replacement

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Any boiler needs to be efficient and suitable for your home situation. We can recommend the best type of boiler from leading brands that come with long warranties, low running costs and high levels of efficiency. A combi gas boiler installation is the benchmark for efficiency, often with smart controls like Economy settings and an ability to link to smart devices like phones for voice control.


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