Five Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Boiler

Boilers are one of the most important aspects to anyone’s home, so making sure that it is working right, should be one of your priorities. If your boiler breaks down, it could mean a costly repair or replacement. But by keeping on top of annual servicing, it can help reduce these costs and help it run better in the long run!

So, how can you tell if you need a new boiler? We’re here to tell you 5 tell-tale signs, you’re in need of a new boiler!

Radiators are taking longer to heat up

Modern day radiators can reach their maximum temperature very quickly, therefore anything less could mean that your boiler has run its course. However, it could also mean that your radiators need bleeding, or your central heating system is filled with sludge.

Whatever the meaning to your radiators not working is, still results in high heating bills.

So, if you notice that your radiators aren’t heating up like they’re supposed to, or even if your hot water isn’t so hot – it might be time to look into a new boiler.

Notice a bad smell

If your boiler is working the way it’s supposed to, it will never emit any odours. If you do notice a smell, you should get a professional to look at it straight away. Carbon monoxide can be really dangerous, so even though carbon monoxide is odourless, a smell can be created because the leak is causing the boiler not to burn properly.

The best way to make sure you notice any carbon dioxide, it to install a CO alarm into your home.

Energy bills are increasing

Your energy bills increasing could be due to your boiler being inefficient. When your boiler gets older, it will lose its efficiency therefore costing you more to run. A simple way to check if your boiler is losing its efficiency, is to look at the rating on its ErP energy label. An ErP energy label is a 7-point colour scale, with dark green being A-rated and most efficient, to red which is G-rated and least efficient.

A Leaky Boiler

If you notice a puddle appear around your boiler, you need to seek immediate help. This means internal parts may be faulty or damaged. A leak can also cause more than an annoying puddle, it can also lead to rust and corrosion.

Funny Noises

A boiler will normally make a low, constant hum when it’s firing up, but most people won’t notice this. But if you can hear banging, clunking and whirring, these are sounds you shouldn’t hear.

Noises can be a sign of many different problems, and you should turn it off and call out an engineer first.

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