Are you facing rising energy costs in your home or business?

If you’re of a certain age, you may well remember the good old days of solid fuel fires and / or gas fires mounted on walls. You may have had a back boiler, where the open fire heated water in a storage tank. Washing up, or having a bath, would require a full tank of hot water and your heart would sink when the water ran cold.

Feeling nostalgic?

There may have been many great things about the past but I think we’d all agree that heating was not a plus point!

Central heating, in the form of radiators or storage heaters (remember those?) were a game changer. Houses no longer had sub-arctic cold spots and a bath didn’t have you shaking in your slippers with trepidation.

The immersion heater was another landmark – if you’re not familiar, a Gian element (similar to a kettle) heated a large tank of cold water and cut out when hot and back in as the temperature dropped.

Impressive, but incredibly inefficient

You may still live in a home or work in a business where the boiler permanently burns a small gas flame and you have to force start when the wind blows hard.

Times have changed

Your home or business in Darlington, Durham or Dunston (who doesn’t love an alliteration?) will probably be seeing energy costs rising annually – and this is where CBFM Heating can help you over the medium and long term.

We specialise in boiler repairs, boiler services and boiler installations from our base in Gateshead

If your boiler is simply malfunctioning, you may need a repair. Our repairs are carried out by experienced field engineers and are guaranteed for six months.

If your heating is running inefficiently, your boiler may need servicing. We have fixed price packages for you too for peace of mind, which you can see here.

Lastly if your boiler is old, inefficient and prone to faults, it may be time for a new boiler installation.

Futureproof your business and home

Few of us would have imagined in childhood what technology would have looked like in 2021 and beyond. Who’d have thought that lights, music and heating could be controlled by apps and smart devices? Asking Siri, Alexa and Google to play AC/DC or switch on lights or set a room thermostat to 21 degrees would have seemed fanciful. It’s happened though and that technology, the Internet of Things to go geeky, is not going to disappear.

Again, with CBFM Heating, we can help you with smart technology with heating for your home and business. We will also be dedicating future blogs to smart technology – so make sure you bookmark this page and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you need help with boilers or plumbing, call or email us today. 

Boiler replacement

Need a new boiler?

Any boiler needs to be efficient and suitable for your home situation. We can recommend the best type of boiler from leading brands that come with long warranties, low running costs and high levels of efficiency. A combi gas boiler installation is the benchmark for efficiency, often with smart controls like Economy settings and an ability to link to smart devices like phones for voice control.


  • Award- winning, A-rated boilers
  • Up to 10 years parts & labour warranty
  • Smart thermostat included
  • Local, Gas Safe registered engineers
  • Instant no-obligation quote
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Home cover plans

Plans to keep your mind at ease

We rely on our central heating to keep us warm, so having a boiler you can rely on is extremely important to most homeowners and business owners from our base in Gateshead, where we please clients across the North East.


  • Annual boiler service
  • 24/7 emergency helpline
  • Parts and labour included
  • Network of approved engineers
  • Unlimited callouts for breakdowns & repairs
Home cover plans


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